Ville Panique

“Then the permanent squats got set up. Then the artist's studios, and the semilegal workshops and redlight places. Then the quaint little coffeehouses, then the bakeries. Pretty soon the offices of professionals will be filtering in, and they'll restore the water and the wiring. Once that happens, the real-estate prices will kick in bigtime, and the whole zone will transmute right back into gentryville. It happens all the time."

Bruce Sterling, Bicycle Repairman, in A Good Old-Fashioned Future, Bantam Books, 1999, p222

Composition & Performance inspired by the work of Paul Virilio "Ville Panique Ailleurs Commence Ici".


Sound - Marco MAL Loprieno: sopranino & baritone saxes; ROLI lightpad blocks & seaboard block; PUSH & Ableton Live
Photo - Pat Lugo

EXIT_LAB Productions July  2019

Molenbeek - i colori del tempo

Molenbeek i colori del tempo is a vivid soundscape where bright colors punctuate the music score and where sounds underline the lights and shadows of the visual.
These are colors feeling the heat and the noise of the city now, as described by Don De Lillo.
These are sounds making visible the frames of the city. Real adventures in sound where time becomes space and the sound of today blends with tradition and future.
Furthermore, the heat of the city (visuals and sounds) is there to recall once more that climate is changing and actions are needed.
Finally, i colori del tempo is an active and participative soundwalk along the canal in Molenbeek.

EXIT_LAB production, 2019
Visual: Pat Lugo
Music: Marco MAL Loprieno, flutes, treatments, samples, field recording, sound-collage

1080 grenouilles

1080_GRENOUILLES is part of a research project on the sound of Molenbeek (postal code 1080) under the TEMPO AL TEMPO 2018 Festival (27-28-29 September).


Les grenouiiles (frogs) recall the canal that is crossing the areas of Molenbeek and Anderlecht in Brussels. The spoken words are excerpts from You Tube interviews to a policeman and to some young people living in Molenbeek.


Marco MAL LOPRIENO: instant composition, Ableton LIVE, Push, Oxygen8 V2, electronics, sampling, field recordings, baritone saxophone, contrabass clarinet, voice, percussions.
Pat LUGO: Photo