Experimental International Transit


is a laboratory, a place to meet and an informal platform dedicated to explore and promote art, performance and social action. 


located in Anderlecht, Belgium (EXIT_LOFT) it was created 18 years ago by Pat Lugo and Marco MAL Loprieno.

for the world is a mountain of shit: if it's going to be moved at all, it's got to be taken by  handfuls

Allen Ginsberg, The Terms in Which I Think of Reality, 1962


Artivism 2.0

In 1994, Franco Berardi "Bifo", in his book Mutazione e Cyberpunk imagined dimensions and scenarios of a near future. Among these he identified fear or rather "emotional plague" as one of the possible social aspects of the end-millennium. Plague is seen as a disease that affects the ability to love others and therefore transforms society "into the horizon of fear, of anguished insecurity".

One of the triggers of the plague, Berardi continues, will be the South growing demographic increase and the consequent enormous migratory pressure that will hit the North. "At the present time it is impossible to predict whether the North will respond to this trend with a global militarization of borders, seas, travel, or if the pressure will break the barriers and immigrant populations will decisively influence the forms of life and culture in the North . In any case, this process is unlikely to take place peacefully ... "

So prophetic, re-reading them today, are these affirmations especially when they underline in the fear of social, cultural but above all physical contact, the most disturbing aspect of the emotional plague. Fear of contact experienced as a contamination from which we must defend ourselves and protect ourselves.

At the threshold of the unstoppable development of globalization and current migration flows, the urban future and that of geopolitical macro-areas intersect under the sign of fear and separation with respect to the other.

In other words, the already famous "Ministry of Fear", imagined by Graham Green in a famous 1943 novel, that had actually continued managing public fear during the Cold War until the fall of the Berlin Wall, fully takes up its role.

Fear that quickly becomes at the beginning of the third millennium "indifference to horror" and amnesia therefore inertia and passivity, result of the enormous space-time acceleration in which we live as Paul Virilio emphasizes in the Ville Panique.

Absolute simplification, in which the "emotional communion" is therefore open to any manipulation  and incapable of considering the individual except as passive one and separate from the others, is the rule on which the planetary Ville Panique is based.

Language is increasingly that of advertising up to the point when disappears, becoming media and economic, social, political message. Then it is a message without depth, instantaneous one, but also instantly forgotten.

Lack of memory, passivity, indifference to horror, fear of contact are all elements of the unsustainable acceleration of the present time in which we live today where dramatic stories of individuals become numbers.

In this sense EXIT_LAB’s artistic research and path aim at recovering, starting from the individuals and victims of the global Ville Panique, a sense and a space-time thought. In this way, art should be capable of identifying the moment propitious to action, real Kairos, finally proposing new scenarios and new solutions to the global social melt-down.