Make Peace Flourish

Like the flowers of this garden, so is peace...

Anderlecht, April 2016


Scheutveld Street/ Avenue Raymond Vander Bruggen


Like the flowers of this garden, so is peace...


Peace is fragile and delicate:

we must take care of it every day.


Peace is of all of us and for everybody:

each of us is responsible for it.


Peace is beautiful and fragrant:

it cannot live surrounded by garbage, or intolerance.


Peace is full of colors:

everyone can find his/her own nuances, hopes, dreams ...


Peace is NOT forever:

if we want to maintain it, we must understand the reasoning of others, of those who are different from us, who are strange or foreigners, of those who do not think like us or do not share our same faith, the same goals, desires, passions...


Let's take care of this little garden of peace: we seek in its beauty, its perfumes, its colors a start for a better world, made of care, solidarity, freedom and justice.


Let's start from this neighborhood, our neighborhood.