Memento Mari

To not forget, to stop the shame of many, too many migrants swallowed by the waters of the Mediterranean, as well as those, anonymous, who - every day - cross our borders. People looking for 'only' a better life, fleeing from wars, disasters, or poverty…


The project Memento Mari (and this blog) intends at least to give them back their dignity. Learning to know and recognize them through their stories, hopes, desires, their dreams, we will help to create a new Europe, open to dialogue and reception.


Memento Mari is a manifesto for action addressed to all those who believe that it is possible, useful, and necessary to use culture as a key to open minds and hearts. To shake-off indifference. Memento Mari intends making visible how migrations can play a positive role in the development of a new European Union, more based on solidarity and finally able to get out of the most serious socio-economic crisis in its history.


Memento Mari was launched in Italy in 2011-2012 as a reaction / reflection following the landing of thousands of refugees and migrants from North Africa, inflamed by the Arab Springs. Later, in 2013, some artists of our improvised music association INaudible have relaunched the project in Belgium, to coincide with the 2014 European elections.


It's true: today the almost daily tragedies on the borders of Europe (from Lampedusa to Ceuta and Melilla, from Lesvos to Bulgaria...) are often in the headlines of newspapers and television, the debate on social networks is more and more intense and the 'immigration dossier' finally plays a great importance on the political agenda in Europe and outside of Europe... However, we think that it would be necessary to do more and better. And that is why we are re-launching Memento Mari and this new blog.


It is a platform open to the contributions of artists and cultural professionals and practitioners active in various disciplines (music, theater, dance, film, photography, literature...) where the free improvisation plays an important role and with good reason. Through the art workshops, meetings, interviews, flash-mob, concerts, etc. we meet (among others) migrants - just arrived or long-standing - refugees, asylum seekers and working with them, we dialogue, we do not stop to reflecting on the past, present and future of each of us and of the different communities.